assemble by Deependra Bajracharya

Remnant of People’s War


Rukum District,which situated in mid western places of Nepal.
Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (one of leading political party of Nepal and now it’s represent of Nepal Government) begins arms rebel for political changes from Rukum District.
Musikot, the headquarter of Rukum were surrounded of barbed wire by state security personnel during people’s war (2001 to 2008), where, no one can walk one place to other places. It’s merely impossible in then time.
Now a days, wreckage barbed wire have found everywhere, villagers remembered that we have to make official document like a VISA to go one place to another places in Musikot. Population of Rukum district is 188086 of 43 Village District Committee.


Birmaya Biswokarma, 50 years old, was basking in her home’s courtyard in Musikot (Headquarter of Rukum).
She was shot by state army during people’s war.
She is innocent, not a politician and know nothing about communist and rebel. Her husband is carpenter and she supported his work. They have 5 daughters and one son. They are still live in Musikot, Rukum with their family.


Birmaya Bishowkarma, 50 years old, is sitting in her room where she was wounded.

shadow-of-civil-war-_1-4Birmaya Biswokarma, shows wound made by bullets. She says ‘Youngest daughter needs to go toilet at midnight, light made by matches and. …what ….happen….I heard the sounds and bullets are came over and one hit me, other gone everywhere (wall, drain ). 10 months old son Tapa Biswokarma was lying on my laps. I was faint with bloodshed. Son Tapa was fed milk ( my breast milk), my husband thought that I am going to die. Tapa was feeding my breast milk also swallowed tiny pieces of bullets. After woke up lot of blood have seen in the room.

shadow-of-civil-war-_1-5Birmaya Bishowkarma, 50 years old who were shot in chest. ‘She pointed the spot.’
Army barrack situated 500 fts far from her home and she, who shot from barrack when she was sitting in her room bed.
shadow-of-civil-war-_1-6Birmaya Bishowkarma, 50 years old

shadow-of-civil-war-_1-7Tapa Biswokarma, Now, 9 years old who lying on his mother laps when she was shot. He can’t hear properly. He had swallowed tiny pieces of bullet, when he was feeding breasts milk.

shadow-of-civil-war-_1-8Tapa Biswokarma, is showing his photograph which was taken few day before incident. He was only 10 months old during the incident happened.

shadow-of-civil-war-_1-9Birmaya Biswokarma, her husband Man Bahadur Biswokarma and son Tapa Biswokarma in front of their house in Musikot,Rukum.


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  1. I really like the story you are telling here. I have been to Rolpa and Rukkum, and even then I think it is hard to understand how people’s lives were affected there. What happened to this woman and her son is so terrible…and yet nothing is being done for her.

    Also, I really agree with your ideas about how photography (mostly yet untapped in Nepal) has a powerful potential in Nepal.

    Comment by Anya | March 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] his blog, freelance photographer Deependra Bajracharya posts photos from  Rukum, telling the story of Birmaya Biswokarma, a woman who was an innocent victim of the […]

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  3. i nice blog here…

    Comment by Milan | April 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. I think the is a great piece of work. As said above great storytelling and amazing pictures.

    Comment by amanda | November 5, 2010 | Reply

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